Steven B. Weintz

A graduate of Vanderbilt University (B.A. 1978) Steve has forty-years of copywriting, advertising, business development, non-profit, direct marketing and public affairs experience.

“My Dad, Walter Weintz, was the marketing guru behind the Reader’s Digest in the ‘50s and I learned a lot about persuasive writing and communication from him,” said Mr. Weintz. “Walt liked to say that ‘sloppy writing reflects sloppy thinking.’ There is an art and science to being able to write copy that articulates public policy, sells a consumer product or service, presents a social issue or non-profit organization. . .all in a creative and persuasive manner that generates a positive, public response and leads to action and results: a vote at the ballot box, the sale of a product, the signing of a petition, a donation or charitable contribution.”

Mr. Weintz notes that the internet and social media have revolutionized traditional public relations and marketing. “But in the end, it’s still about writing and communication; building a positive rapport and relationship with the public and creating a base of support that will take action.”

After graduating from Vanderbilt, Mr. Weintz worked for Martstellar Advertising headquartered at 866 Third Avenue in New York City. After several years, Mr. Weintz found his way back into the family trade and joined Reader’s Digest where he learned the nuts and bolts of the book and magazine publishing business while continuing to utilize his writing skills.

In 1984 Mr. Weintz moved to Washington D.C. where he earned a living writing position papers and direct mail fundraising appeals. He worked on high profile political and social campaigns tied to the White House and several notable and influential Senators and Congressmen.

In 1987 Mr. Weintz moved to Little Rock, Arkansas and helped launch Leisure Arts, a publishing company that was later sold to Time-Warner. He also helped launch one of the largest consumer outbound telemarketing companies in America that raised tens of millions of dollars for non-profit organizations such as Special Olympics and M.A.D.D.

In 1999, Mr. Weintz founded SBW Ventures, Inc. to write strategic business plans. He expanded his business consulting practice to include investment banking and M&A for small privately owned companies–communicating and negotiating at the Board level to facilitate and close deals for a companies and organizations in a variety of industries. In 2010 Mr. Weintz moved to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina where he met fellow writer and social advocate, Will Haynie. “I’m excited about partnering with Will and Crawford to provide the sort of public relations and communications expertise you’d find in New York or L.A. but on a local basis with knowledge and experience of the social dynamics, social structure and State government that make South Carolina such a unique place to do business.”

Publications and articles

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  • A Capital Idea. The University of Arkansas Press 2002
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